Who Are We?

Deaconn is a community and future software developer with the goal to bring together and empower developers and engineers.

Deaconn, initially founded in 2021 as a personal portfolio for Christian Deacon, underwent a complete overhaul in 2023. Its new mission is to create open source services, applications, and frameworks for the benefit of the community. Additionally, Deaconn features a rather unique blog with informative articles, providing users with valuable insights. Users can also showcase their projects, experiences, and skills, creating a dynamic platform akin to a personalized portfolio.

Have A Request?

If you have an issue or want to suggest a new service for Deaconn, feel free to create a request! We'll most likely be open to freelance requests in the future.

Please note that we cannot guarantee the acceptance of every request. After you submit a request, we will be able to communicate back and forth on details such as payment and time frame.



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