Who Are We?

Deaconn is a community and future software developer with the goal to bring together and empower developers and engineers.

Deaconn, initially founded in 2021 as a personal portfolio for Christian Deacon, underwent a complete overhaul in 2023. Its new mission is to create open source services, applications, and frameworks for the benefit of the community. Additionally, Deaconn features a rather unique blog with informative articles, providing users with valuable insights. Users can also showcase their projects, experiences, and skills, creating a dynamic platform akin to a personalized portfolio.

Meet Our Team!

Hi! I am the founder and CEO of Deaconn. I specialize in software and network engineering. I also love system administration and I'm a huge fan of Linux! I contribute to a few open source projects as well!

Hi I'm Cally! I currently work in customer service but I'm actively working to switch careers into the IT security field. I also have a background in graphic design and made the current logo!

Highly skilled and versatile Technical Writer with 4 years of experience in creating comprehensive and user-focused documentation. Having a strong grasp of technical concepts and the ability to break down complex information into clear and accessible content for diverse audiences. Proven track record in delivering high-quality user guides and manuals as well as technical documentation that aids customers. Possess exceptional research and communication skills, enabling me to collaborate effectively with colleagues to gather information with speed and accuracy in documentation. Committed to staying up-to-date with industry trends and best practices to deliver cutting-edge and informative content. Diligent, detail-oriented, and deadline-driven, consistently exceeding expectations and contributing to the success of projects and products.

Meet Our Partners!

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An open source website that acts as an index for game mods.

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Open Source!

Our website is open source on our GitHub organization!

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